05 August, 2013

Baby Shower Crafting Fun!

My absence has been for a very good reason, I promise!

I have been eating, breathing and sleeping all things baby.  Now before you start any rumours, its my sisters baby we are talking about!  She is due to have a little GIRL in about a week!

We had a baby shower for her on 27th July.  The day was lovely and everyone had a great time but our cooking and crafting had mixed results.

We had savoury finger food and baked Vanilla Rose and Blueberry macarons and Oreo Cupcakes.

The macarons don't LOOK the way they should because the almond meal was not sifted properly by my sous chef.  Ahem. In her defence we should have used a much finer sieve but they tasted delicious and the French Buttercream was textbook perfect.  The shells may not have looked they way they should have but the texture was also perfect.

The Oreo cupcakes were perfect in every way.  The recipe is courtesy of the lovely Shimelle Laine - scrapbooker and cupcake baker extraordinaire.
My other sister and I made our cards and we also made an extra one for mum and dad to give. My card is on the left, hers is on the right and we didn't get a photo of the third card!

I wanted to try my hand at making a nappy cake and I'm more or less pleased with the result.  My tissue flowers were a bit uneven since I'm having problems with my fingers but overall I'm happy.


Now we wait for baby to arrive and there will be more crafty things to show you!

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  1. This cake with cookies looks delicious, i tried to make this but it taste is not good engouh.