Regular Features

There are things that might pop up regularly here, so this is a bit of a cheat sheet to let you know what's what!

It's quite a large number, so they wont all be popping up every week, but hopefully in the course of a month each one will appear.


Mixed Media Monday
Getting messy with layouts, cards or any type of project

Off The Page Monday
Projects other than layouts, cards or Project Life.  Stuff like home decor for example

Monday Mechanics
Hands up who has lots of tools or fancy craft machines that don't get the love they deserve?  Lets give them some today!


Challenging Tuesday
Challenges are a great way to get motivated when the mojo is hiding.  There is a list of my favourite challenges in another "page tab" or click here.  

Use It or Lose It Tuesday 
We all have certain things in our stash that accumulate more quickly than others.  Some types of scraps included!  This is my attempt to re-gain control!


Whatever Wednesday
Exactly as it sounds!  Just doing any type of project

Colourful Wednesday
The key to being proficient at colouring is to do it regularly and practice,Practice.PRACTICE! 

Wednesday WorkSpace
I don't want to spend what little energy I have to maintain complicated organization systems, but if it's something that will save time later, I'm willing to devote a bit of time to get it set up initially.


"Back to the Future" Thursday
I have so many blog posts in draft stage!  The intention is to publish to the present time and after a while, re-date the post to where it originally belongs.

Technique Thursday 
So many cool techniques, so little time,  A range of difficulties will be covered. 


Finish it Friday
My shameful secret.  So many projects of all types started and abandoned.  Not today!

Unholiday Friday
My UnHoliday Series is my answer to creating non seasonal project with supplies geared at holidays or seasons.  Good for those like me who don't celebrate holidays, or for anyone wanting to get more out of their seasonal or holiday supplies investment.


ScrapLift Saturday
As I've mentioned before, often I need to streamline the process if I'm going to get a layout into my album.  ScrapLifting is that shortcut for me.  Great for missing mojos too!

Stamp-a-Stack Saturday
I decided some time ago that if I'm going to make a card, I might as well make at least two for little mote effort than one.  Having plenty on hand helps if you need one in a hurry and a set of cards makes a really practical gift for someone.  I always get great feedback when I give them.

Saturday Jar prompt
Pulling a prompt for today's project from my Prompt Jar.  One for cards and one for layouts.


Sunday Sketches
A little like ScrapLift Sunday only this time with sketches.  It's actually quite a different experience using a sketch.  We will also look at ways of adapting sketches to your needs.

Scripty Sunday
Another thing requiring regular practice.  Script fonts are all the rage at the moment, and if you can do this, you're not limited by stamp sets, die cut words or stickers

More added as needed!  Hopefully there is more than enough here for a varied month of craftiness.

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